Past Legislation

Often success in the Texas Legislature is not simply measured by the bills that are passed in our names.  Many times, success also comes in the form of legislation that is stopped, amendments that are added to other pieces of legislation, and leadership that helps steer the course of the Session. 

My positions as Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Vice-Chair of the Women's Health Caucus, and Secretary of the Environmental Legislation Caucus, along with my work on committees, have allowed me the chance to work closely with my colleagues on a variety of issues.  I am proud to have been entrusted with these positions of leadership. They have enabled me to play an active role in our State's legislature.

  1. 80th Legislative Session (2007)
  2. 81st Legislative Session (2009)
  3. 82nd Legislative Session (2011)
  4. 83rd Legislative Session (2013)
  5. 84th Legislative Session (2015)